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DVD Now Available!

The DVD 'You are not alone'is now available and Members of the Support Group will receive their free copy at either the next support group meeting or by post. For a Membership form click here.

For a DVD order form click here.

Non-members may order the DVD, but there is a charge of £5 for postage and packaging.

Overseas Orders for DVD ‘You are Not Alone’

You need to pay the sum of £7 sterling at your bank using the following details:

The codes for paying in are:

IBAN GB79MIDL40462831394592


By Post: Then download the order form above

Complete the form and post together with either the receipt your bank gave you or a copy of same.

By E:Mail: Scan in the receipt and email that together with your Name and Postal Address to




Comments about our DVD:-

"Well done for all your hard work producing the DVD and in distributing it. I haven’t watched all of it yet but know that it is going to be an enormous support to new sufferers. It made me realise how difficult I am still finding it to accept that I have long term illness."

"Thankyou for the most informative DVD. I just wish the Drs. in the local Practise could see this video and take notice" 

"My DVD arrived yesterday. What a splendid example of what co-operation, generosity and hard work can achieve. Grateful thanks to everyone."





"I've watched my copy of "You are not alone" and feel so grateful to all those people who have given their valuable time to help highlight the existence of PMR and GCA, including rheumatologists, a pharmacist, a physio, a dietician, an MP and, not least, that little band of tireless fighters in the North East Support Group. For all the newly diagnosed people seeking help this DVD answers all the questions and best of all will take away that feeling of being alone and isolated when PMR or GCA strikes.For all the not so newly diagnosed sufferers, the DVD consolidates a lot of what we have read, plus more, and mainly I found it left me with a warm glow that people out there are now actually listening and caring and acting to try and find a cause and a cure for these potentially devastating conditions."

"It is very informative  and so many people have put so much work and persistance into all this as doors don’t always open the first time you knock I know !! Thanks to all concerned"



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